About Me

I am located in Atlanta, Georgia and Athens, Georgia, because I commute back and forth for school. I have been capturing visuals my whole life with my father's camera, because he is a photojournalist. I have had cameras of my own that allowed me to do free-lance photography and video edits. Since then, I have taken it to the next level and purchased my own equipment -including cameras and lights and etc.- in order to distribute visual artistry for my clients with guaranteed low prices. I love taking pictures, so it has become a hobby of mine. Whenever my friends describe me, they comment on how I always have a camera. I love what I do.

My Philosophy

The brilliant things about photography is that I can make you see what I want you to see, I can make you feel what I want you to feel, and in the end I can leave you to take away what you will-- all occurring unconsciously, because you can never un-see that image. It is simple to say that pictures are worth one thousand words, as well as my mind thinks one thousand thoughts simultaneously. For this very reason, I am a photographer. If I want to communicate with you, I will show you. Not only what my eyes can see, but what my mind thinks and only my lens can fathom. I am a visual artist. And, I am part of the Creator Class. f/.4 126mm.

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