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The hours begin on my timer, but may be rounded down at my discretion. There are fees for time spent. Negotiations are considered. If I must drive an outstanding distance to meet the client, a small fee will be included. If the client is late, my timer is still going. There may be an additional fee for every 15 minutes late. If it is time and your hair and make-up still being done, then you are late. Reschedules should be given approximately 24 hours before the shoot. Considerations for pricing in this instance are done at my discretion. Again, negotiations are still considered.

Any damage done to my studio or my property is subject to fees for compensation. 


My primary applications for retouching are Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Of course, I aim to get the optimal shot for clients, but on occasions slight distractions whether that be a stray eyelash or increased presence of a particular color occur. Keeping composition in mind, I take the photos chosen by my clients to retouch. Retouching includes high frequency separations, iris enhancements, teeth whitening, liquifying,and skin cloning for the perfect image. Those are provided in basic editing. 

Below I have provided an example of basic retouching I have done. I have also provided examples of advanced editing as well. 

Working Environment

I offer a care free fun working environment where you and I work towards a common goal-- the optimal shot. We listen to music of your choice while I encourage everyone to get out there bubble and display genuine happiness in their images! I offer model coaching during the shoot, but also encourage you to feel an emotion and make the scene your instead. Tips are given here and there if one may ask.

If you are curious about how much fun it is to work with me, ask some of my past clients-- Blac Chyna, Ayo & Teo, Mr_Hotspot, Queen Naija, Silento, ClarenceNYC, Armon & Trey, Chris Sails, and etc.

Dripping Lips BTS by @1alexanderfred on Instagram.


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